Our Story


We are Jo and Bryan Rierson. We met and fell in love in 1997 while attending photography school at Randolph.  After over 5 years of dating and working together we were married on April 20th, 2002.  We had already photographed many weddings together, but the chance to experience it from the perspective of bride & groom was eye-opening for both of us!  From the planning process to the sparkler sendoff, we gained a new appreciation for what the bride & groom are going through and have incorporated what we learned into our style of wedding photography.

Rierson Photography has been photographing weddings and portraits in the Raleigh, NC area (and beyond) since 1998.  From 2005 through 2009 we maintained a studio location in downtown Raleigh, NC.  Since the vast majority of our work is done on location we eventually relocated and now work from home just south of Raleigh.  Bryan is also available for advertising and editorial assignments worldwide.  His commercial work can be seen here: www.riersonphoto.com

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